Is it Ethical to Use White Hat or Black Hat Techniques for Search Engine Optimization?

Need to know the difference between a white hat and black hat SEO? This is not really an easy question to answer because there is a large difference between white hat and black hat. 

Let us discuss in detail here and find the difference between white hat and black hat SEO. Be;lieve it or not there are quite a few web companies that employ both white hat and black hat SEO strategies in many industries including the legal sector, finance, and of course advertising and marketing. 

We of course know that white hat is the only way to go; black hat is considered to be simply unethical.

Perhaps this picture could help. Both white hat and black hat are not used in the technical industry, however white hat techniques can be used for search engine optimization (SEO). There are many tactics that will help you in your SEO campaign but black hat tactics will always be considered as unethical.

When white hat tactics are  used. search engines deem them to be good practice but with black hat tactics will get penalised and not taken into consideration at all. For example, if someone uses a white hat keyword in their website the search engines will consider this to be perfectly legal and normal.

And then there’s the gray hat technique, which when used, may be treated just like black hat may cost your ranking ; your site will be penalized. You may wonder why it is illegal for black hat SEO but it is not illegal to use a white hat keyword. I will now discuss in detail here and find the difference between white hat and black hat SEO. I will also discuss the differences between black hat and gray hat techniques.

So we know that black hat techniques will not be acceptable but what about gray hat or white hat techniques? Well they are not acceptable to the search engines but the gray hat tactics are usually acceptable. They are not considered to be unethical or black hat.

These white hat techniques are still similar to a white hat strategy in that the techniques used are legitimate and do not attempt to fool the search engines. The search engines will consider these techniques as valid for their search results.

It is not hard to figure out that gray hat techniques, when used on the Internet may not be accepted by the search engines, but this is also not illegal and not unethical. In fact many of the gray hat techniques and tricks are accepted by the search engines and as long as the techniques are not trying to get away with anything illegal then there is nothing wrong with it.

So as long as the gray hat techniques are not trying to do anything illegal or unethical, there is no problem with it is fine to use them. But you have to remember that black hat and white hat techniques are not going to be accepted by the search engines, but gray hat techniques are not.

If you are not doing anything illegal and is using white hat techniques then the search engines will consider your SEO tactics as valid. However if you are trying to dupe the search engines and are using black hat techniques or anything illegal then you should be careful.

If you do your research you can avoid the black hat techniques but if you are using the gray hat techniques then you should think about using white hat techniques. They are just as legitimate.

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